Rebuild your
health from
the inside out.

Who we are

Clinics designed for a healthier you.

Our focus is to redefine general practice with a root-cause, whole-person approach and a well-defined message around developing real doctor-patient relationships.

With prime locations, established roots and a proven track record of sustainable success in the Health Industry for in excess of 40 years our core values of Integrity, Openness, Honesty and the ability to deliver on a Promise and create an environment conducive to mutual success.

We aim to provide the highest level of service in a professional, caring, friendly and compassionate environment.

Our mission

Understanding holistic patient care.

The Our GP Doctors examine all genetic and lifestyle characteristics to find the best means of treatment for your diagnosis. From men & women’s health to immunisations and pre-employment medicals, our team stands by to support you through your treatment.

By redefining general practice through the understanding of your day-to-day life, health concerns, and personal goals, we can guide you on your journey to rebuilding your health from the inside out.

Our doctors apply advanced testing, personable understanding, and root cause diagnosis to help them know you better. We base our decisions based on specialised experience in order to reduce your health risk and guide you to make better decisions about your daily health.

Over 200+ 5 star reviews, we're quickly becoming the fastest growing GP Group in Brisbane!